this fall I decided that I am sticking with the over sized sweater look (with booties and oxfords). Maybe add some more lace into my wardrobe.
I am keeping this post short in simple.

These are my favorite oxfords. Although I hate my feet, I love my shoes oh so dearly.

booties, on sale deal for 10 dollars. It really doesn't get better.


lavender for dayz

MY friend erin and i had 12 bags of cotton candy... 6 each. NOT OK

this is how my boyfriend shows his affection..

she sells sea shells down by the whatever

loving the colors. on my fingers and toes!Out fit posts soon. Follow me on tumblr! glossybossy.tumblr.com

oh and i just ordered these babies ohhhhhhhh yesssssss



SO, AUGUST 21st. was probably one of the greatest days of my life. Seeing Lady Gaga live was spectacular. Every one went all out and had such cool out fits. My camera battery was dying so I only snagged a few photos. We waited in line for 4 hours and were front row on the floor, right next to the stage. We totally had eye contact with the mama monster herself. check out the amazing photos of got from that night.

Don't forget to check out my out fit post right beneath this one!

oh, its been a while

Its been so long since I updated my blog! I have been on tumblr for a while but sometimes its not the same.
Getting ready for fall is one of the most exciting parts of summer. These are my latest purchases:

I am so happy I bought these booties. I love the way the chains sound as I walk.
only $24 dollars!

I feel like I have been waiting a million years for platform heels. And I finally bought some
for only 15 dollars. I seriously love life right now.

more to come!


blah blah--

my favorite h&m blazer

i'll push the floral

H&M dress
rompers for days

the breakdown

my sorority ball dress <3


with my clothes of course. I haven't updated in a long while, so I decided to show some of my favorite outfits so far. Being a broke college student (typical), I have to make these outfits last haha


new year, back at school

faded everything. I spy Osama Bin Laden
obsessedobsessed withwith thighthigh highhighs.
my-space..a pun with in a pun...with in a pun
not doing homework ^^
also what happens when I am not doing homework
My crazy roommate and of my best friends <3

The only show I have been watching for a while. Cartoon style icons!

posts will be slowing down now that I am back in school :' (
I'll try my best to keep active. mucho love