I am excited to take pictures and post them on here. I am going to be gone from June 19th- July 7th! Cancun for a week then New York for a week.

Today, I said goodbyes to friends. Friends that I won't see for a year.
One is leaving to Montreal and one is leaving to Norway.

sigh. I should be happy though. I am going on vacation.

anyway this is too personal.
Have wonderful week!


my crush! ah!

Anton Yelchin. SO ADORABLE!



Thanks Aunt!

My Aunt just got back from Monaco. or lets just say France.
She bought me these lovelyyyy pants! check em out:

Definitely going to wear them with my doc martens. OH !I am going to Mexico in a couple weeks (again!). Afterwards, I am going to New York for a week. I AM SO EXCITED TO SPEND ALL OF MY MONEY ON CLOTHES IN NEW YORK. I have an legitimate excuse: I am going to school in the middle of NOWHERE Washington. Hopefully they will have nice thrift stores/vintage haha!


kiss me!

i r e a l l y e n j o y t h i s

F o l k l i f e

pictures from last weekend. xoxo :

typical face

Slow and Steady Wins the Race Sunglasses

i just thought this one was cute : ) even though hes making the popeye face.

p r o m

Left to Right: Nikol ( Betsey Johnson), Julianna ( vintage) , Brianna ( Just Cavalli),Renate ( ?)

Kami (?) , me , nikol : )

Brianna, me , Elise ( Betsey Johnson)

not much words needed. I had a blast and I want to show off my lovely friends.Best friends : )

i love metric

For the past 3-4 years Emily Haines has been one of my idols. Just yesterday I saw Metric play for the second time. I have never experience anything of the sort. the last time I saw them play it was wonderful but this time... was undescrible. It was the perfect way to end my school year. She ended the show with "Live it out" with a speech about life. so so so so great. Now Enjoy some of their new music. xoxo ariel


oh lai oh lai oh lai ee ooh




Yigal Azrouel

This crop jacket is SO MINE!@ lovely price of $462