life in the past couple days

at the dentist blah!!
I made strawberry peppermint cupcakes!
Favorite snack. oh yeah
Finally found my extra studs.
wearing them out.
Favorite color and matte!
Strawberry milk--Strawberry Peppermint Cupcake--Peppermint



fooling around

blahblah. sweater from my friend Kristiina : )


i love my bag. ha

I'm off to see The Princess and The Frog with my little sister.


Home for the Holidays

: ) and It feels so nice. I got tired of the super cheez faces I was giving. The grey boxes really help haha.
I recently ( early x-mas gift to myself) bought this jacket. I'm in love it. A year ago I bought one extremely similar but it was too big and was not flattering.
This winter break I am selling so much clothes. $$$

I hope every one has a grrreat one.