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oh darling
Ha Ha I wish

Anyways. I just got back from Puerto Vallarta ( yesterday) and I wish I was still there. I miss the sun and the gorgeous beaches:

Dork on her first day. Once we got to the hotel, We sprinted to the ocean. As you can see I still have my Marc Jacobs backpack carry on!

THIS was the view from our terrace.

Oh, you know, gotta stay skin cancer free! Too bad I found out they had 80 SPF after I bought this one.

Dork on the beach.

Nikol and I lovin' our cocoloco drinks!

dork next to graffiti. Once I opened up my suitcase I realized I didn't pack any of my super cute shirts. so I was stuck with crappy tank tops. I tried to work it out ;)

Just us two and my croissant!

The view from the pool at sundown. Right out of a Travel magazine!

All of these beautiful pictures were taken by my best friend Nikol! Check out here Blog RANT here.

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Katy said...

haha, i am going to puerto vallarta soon! realllly cute blog! please check out mine:)))