Merry Happy

Haha I couldn't decide which outfit was best so pick and choose my friends!
oh please excuse the explosion in my dorm!! so embarrassing!
Here we go:

Ha! trying to jump like a fool!


Leather Jacket: H&M (2006)
Leather Skirt: Express (2007)
Anorak: J.Mei (2008) I got it in Beijing!
Blazer: Zara
Razor Back: Talula
Skirt: Charlotte Russe!! woo hoo least expensive buy!
Dr.Martens: hammy down!
Socks ( I honestly think you won't care but): Urban


fashion westie said...

Cheers for the visit!

Geez, you had to make it hard to choose...no wonder your asking...um, 1st: ballet skirt and biker jkt combo (I'm a sucker for ballet looks), 2nd: (very close to first) anorak, tank and black skirt and then the white blazer version at 3rd.

BadRomance said...

Thank you!! The blazer is so stunnin & your skirt!! Its sexy :)

Isquisofrenia Style said...

ah you look awesome , dont matter what you wear


robin sue said...

love the blazer!

Yuka said...

the white blazer is stunning!

J & L said...

That anorak is amazing!! Love it paired with the leather skirt. Very cool combo.

P.S. We are AMAZED that you can fit so much clothing in your dorm! Jealous!

Natalie said...

the white blazer rocks, love it! :)



Faridah said...

Hot skirt girl! Your sense of style is so great and fun. Love the jacket too.

Chantelle said...

#@ because i like tutus =D

Percevalties said...

The white blazer is magnificient!! I love very much the rock spirit!!

F Blog said...

i love the first one the most!

Frederic Betancourt. said...

Very nice clothes!

Alita Claudia said...

i think the last is the best! because i love ur leather jacket so much!

Dannie said...

cuuuute skiiirt
i loove the shinyness!

kim J said...

love the green coat and black skirt!

Clothes Are Cute
Clothes Are Cute

le pearl said...

I saw a large military type green anorak today at a local thrift store but didn't buy it because I wasn't sure what I would wear with it!

You rock the look x