lavender for dayz

MY friend erin and i had 12 bags of cotton candy... 6 each. NOT OK

this is how my boyfriend shows his affection..

she sells sea shells down by the whatever

loving the colors. on my fingers and toes!Out fit posts soon. Follow me on tumblr! glossybossy.tumblr.com

oh and i just ordered these babies ohhhhhhhh yesssssss


Kirsty.Billie said...

LOVE the shoes!

xx Black Adder Fashion

StuddedLilly said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! cute blog here! love that "she sells seashell down by whatever" line hahaa and yummy shoes!

Isabelle said...

love the shoes AND the cotton candy.xx

Anonymous said...

Love the macbook .

& the cotton candy i feel for some right now lol.

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follow . comment & follow me on twitter if you have one .

kirstyb said...

lovely pics - thanks for sharing xxxx

Puck Litaay said...

the colour of the cotton candy is really gorgeous

Puck @ ONEOFPOINTS.blogspot.com