oh, its been a while

Its been so long since I updated my blog! I have been on tumblr for a while but sometimes its not the same.
Getting ready for fall is one of the most exciting parts of summer. These are my latest purchases:

I am so happy I bought these booties. I love the way the chains sound as I walk.
only $24 dollars!

I feel like I have been waiting a million years for platform heels. And I finally bought some
for only 15 dollars. I seriously love life right now.

more to come!


marina said...

great post!!!



zahira said...

such cute shoes!!!


Anonymous said...

Super cute outfit, I love it !

le pearl said...

Great shoe buys babe! Argh been so busy lately. I haven't been to your blog for ages. I love the recent content, visit back to my blog soon <3 x